MacHack PR: MacHack 2001 CD Available For Purchase

MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers
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Dearborn, MI -- June 28, 2001 -- MacHack, The Annual Conference For Leading Edge Developers, has long been the place where some of the best and brightest developers in the Macintosh community assemble each year to compete and show off their fantastic hacks in the MacHax(TM) Best Hack Contest. Macintosh enthusiasts can enjoy much of the thrill of the Hack Show without enduring the marathon from midnight to 6AM like this year's attendees did. It takes a while for authors to show off ninety-some-odd hacks!

This year's CD-ROM contains 82 hacks from the 2001 conference, and offers great value for Macintosh hobbyists and coders alike. Most of the hacks come with source code.

The CD also contains this year's papers and many of the presentations.

The CD is $19.95 + shipping at Shipping is $5 in the US and $15 for international purchasers. All profits from CD-ROM sales go to help fund MacHack 2002.

Also available for $19.95 + shipping is the MacHack Historical CD, an enormous collection of hacks, papers, and presentations assembled from the first 14 years of MacHack. "This CD brings together an even bigger collection of MacHack history than last year's historical CD," said Scott Boyd of The MacHax Group, co-host of the annual contest. "MindVision/eSellerate has helped MacHack pack an unbelievable amount of the best of the conference onto a single CD." The result of this herculean compression effort is 700MB of MacHack history made as easy to access as possible. Anyone interested in the hacks and papers for entertainment, study or archival purposes should own this one-of-a-kind CD-ROM.

More information on MacHack, The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers, is available at the conference web site at

MindVision/eSellerate, MacHack, and The MacHax Group assume no responsibility whatsoever for the contents of the CD-ROM, nor what happens to any machine on which any hacks are installed. Hacks are NOT warranted in any way, and crashes, data loss, and other unpleasant side effects may very well result from their use. Some individual authors may support their hacks, though they are under absolutely no obligation to do so. The hacks are raw code written for the Hack Show and therefore cannot be guaranteed to function for any particular purpose on any particular machine. The purchaser assumes all responsibility for any havoc, data loss or civil unrest that may occur as a result of installing and/or using the hacks.

Dates for MacHack 2002 will be announced shortly. Watch the web site for dates and early registration.

MacHack is a trademark of Expotech, Inc. MacHax is a trademark of The MacHax Group. MacHack is not affiliated with The MacHax Group, although we've all been enjoying the Hack Contest together each year for fifteen years! All other trademarks are the properties of their respective holders.